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My First Crocheting Adventure

My wonderful grandmother was an avid crocheter and I was an avid outdoors-child.  Her house and its surrounding orchards and ponds were too full of trees to climb, chickens to play with, and fish to catch for me to actually settle down to a quiet hobby.  Many times, she tried to sit my wiggly-butt down to share her craft with me.  Though I was more than interested in learning, I felt directionally challenged and  could never seem to get the hang of it. “You’ll be able to do it once you’re ready,” she’d say smiling as I’d roll my messy yarn into a neat ball, eager to hurry outside.

A few weeks ago, and forty years later, while shopping in Micheal’s for crafting supplies, I finally felt inspired to give crocheting another try.  As a former teacher, I used thicker pencils, and larger crayons to ready my students little hands for writing and coloring, so it made sense to me to give chunky yarn and larger grade hook a try for my first attempt.    Fortunately, yarn was hugely on sale.  Unfortunately, the supply was limited.  I ended up choosing these colors: (Photos are from



 I also purchased this plastic, 11.5 mm hook:

11.5 mm hook Photo by me


Armed with my new supplies and this basic diagram on the double crochet stitch that I conveniently swiped from Pinterest, I set to work:

How To Crochet Double Crochet Stitch

I  went big with my first project and made an afghan for my daughter.  I didn’t bother searching for a pattern, since at this point I hadn’t learned to read one yet. I decided to just wing it! I’m sure I committed a fair share of crocheting faux pas, but I’m a “learn-by-doing” kinda girl!

My first row was a single chain of 131 stitches and the remaining rows were double crocheted. The blanket ended up being about 3′ X 5.5′ when completed. I used  a bread tie at the end of each row to mark my ending stitch and keep my rows even.  I switched off colors by securely double knotting the new yarn to the old and trimming the ends.  I used Bernat Blanket yarn to make a soft border around my afghan and this is the final result:



It’s not perfect, but it’s certainly functional and my daughter loves it!  Now, to learn some new stitches and figure out how to read those pesky crochet patterns!


What new craft have you recently tried?  Did you take a class, or teach yourself? Tell me about it in the comments!



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