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It Feels Like Cheating!

I’d been practicing my ripple stitch and, for my second project, I’d planned on making a lovely chevron afghan in teal, white, and gray for my eldest daughter.  Micheal’s was having a fabulous yarn sale and I had a coupon for $5 off every $25 spent on yarn.  The other crocheters in my area must have all had the same coupon, because the yarn bins at Micheal’s were sparse.  I even looked in the black trays beneath the bins  (a trick my daughter who worked at Micheal’s during college taught me) to no avail.

Still recovering from pneumonia, brought on by the flu, I needed a project to keep me busy while resting (something I’m not good at).  It was then that I spied this gorgeous yarn by Caron:

Ooooh, so colorful and rainbow-y, I couldn’t resist scooping up the eight rolls they had left!

I haven’t used a specific pattern for making this afghan. I’ve simply been shaping it for my own comfort. I know my first afghan was relatively decent, but it had some issues with a few of the rows lining up properly.  My goal for this project was to focus on even rows and stitches.  I picked up a box of plastic row markers to aid with this.

If you’re like me and don’t enjoy counting each stitch, row markers REALLY help in keeping things even!

I began my new project with a 60 inch chain which with a 10 mm plastic hook ended up being 181 stitches.  One my first row I made a double crochet in every other chain link. On my third row, I made a double crochet in each double crochet “V” (if that makes sense), putting my hook through both strands of the “V.”

I’m halfway through my blanket, having used four of the “Chunky Cakes” of yarn.  Here’s my progress:

I’m really pleased with my even rows!!

I’ve been painstakingly careful with my stitches and row endings.  The color variation of the yarn feels like I’m cheating with all of this color and only three yarn changes.

Once it’s to the length I want, I plan on finishing the top and bottom with a scalloped edge (like a shell stitch–something else I’ve been practicing).  Because my sides are even, I don’t feel like I’ll need to border them like I did my first afghan.

I’ve ordered the teal, gray, white yarn for my other project, and am certain I’ll be finished this blanket by the time it arrives.

What have you been working on?  What tricks do you use to make your work neat and efficient?


2 thoughts on “It Feels Like Cheating!”

  1. What a beautiful rainbow! Very good idea using the stitch markers. I still use them constantly so I don’t mess up my edges and don’t have to count as much. I can’t wait to see what you make next!

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